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Our mission is simple. We’re here to help you reduce energy costs for your business.

We apply our expertise in energy assessment and management to show you how to take control of your energy so you pay less, and use less.

Your dedicated energy management consultant will back you every step of the way. We’re by your side for the long term because we know that tomorrow’s best deal is only ever a negotiation away.

Media engagements and interviews:

Recent speaking events and engagements

How aged care facilities can reduce their operational costs

Partners: Council on the Ageing, Financial Sustainability in Aged Care
November 2018

How waste businesses can reduce energy costs and environmental impact

Partners: Victorian Waste Management Association
July 2019

Topic: How food and beverage business are reducing their impact and costs

Partners: Cider Australia
September 2019

Helping breweries becoming financially and environmentally sustainable

Partners: Independent Brewers Association
September 2019

Waste and energy management for your business

Partners: Frankston City Council and the Victorian Waste Management Association
November 2019

I was working in a previous role and one day I spoke with three clients in one street; each client was on different energy tariffs despite sharing a similar demographic and usage.

I knew there was an opportunity to offer a rounded solution - both energy brokering plus energy efficiency. Alan (Gill – Executive Director) and I recognised a grey area of making energy clear, simple and accessible. We knew that if we could get customers better rates first, we could then look at how to invest their cost savings to use less energy.

We also wanted to offer a service where customers had just one point of contact for all their energy needs. We would manage and underwrite the solar. Since then, we’ve grown from strength to strength.

In the height of Australia’s energy crisis, we got the timing right.

As a leader in the energy space for over a decade, Chris bring to any forum, event or podcast a wide perspective on business, leadership and the energy market with a natural and relatable perspective. Topics Chris can speak to include:

  • Australia’s energy crisis and other energy news

  • Sales prospecting

  • The power of group buying

  • Commercial solar opportunities in Australia and New Zealand

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • The uptake of electric vehicles

  • Entrepreneurial topics

  • Employee engagement

  • Business growth & start-ups, having experience in registering 4 ABNs, with differing degrees of success.

Choice Tick

About Choice Energy

Choice Energy’s core goal is to help homes and businesses use less power from the grid and pay less for the energy they use.

Australian owned and operated, it takes a holistic approach to energy management by providing a number of core solutions to help better manage demand for energy, improve efficiency and reduce energy costs.

Choice Energy’s solar solution offers a guarantee on generation, as well as ongoing monitoring and support – not typical to stand-alone solar companies.

Choice Energy has partnerships with more than 14 leading energy retailers across Australia.

The company also helps to deliver value to businesses via strategic partnerships and currently has relationships with Metcash, Capricorn and AusVeg Vic.

Energy procurement group tenders Metering and monitoring Network tariff and demand assessment Power factor correction Commercial and residential solar Battery storage Commercial LED Bill validation

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