Empower your business with future-proofed energy savings

Get ahead of fluctuating energy prices with a sustainable solution.

Solar energy is clean, environmentally friendly and can be designed for your specific commercial needs. Many of our clients see a reduction of up to 70% of their daytime energy costs, and remain cash flow positive from day one.

Are you missing out on significant savings?

It’s the line item on your Profits and Loss sheet that you may come to despair year in and year out: Electricity and Gas.

It grows each year while delivering you the same result, leaving a bitter taste for many businesses focused on sustainable growth.

In this 60 minute live online webinar, you’ll discover:

✔ Our proprietary energy bill optimisation system, where you will feel empowered to future-proof your energy savings in 2020 and beyond

✔ How you can optimise your bill and pay less for your power through network tariff optimisation, power factor correction, voltage optimisation and more

✔ Volatility in the electricity market and how to manage it, including forward-contracting

✔ How investing in renewable energy can benefit your business and brand

✔ Common energy pain points and how to overcome them

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All registrants will be provided with a complimentary energy assessment by Gold partner Choice Energy.

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