Relying less on the power grid is a smart way to protect your operational budget from future energy costs. If feasible for your business, a Choice Energy solar system will have a notably positive impact on the way you use power.

Your new energy consumption profile could result in a new network tariff becoming available to your business, opening opportunities for further energy cost reductions.

Commercial solar benefits

Along with having an expert energy management consultant help you reduce your energy spend; your business could benefit from:

  • better energy efficiency
  • protection against future energy costs
  • a competitive advantage ahead of your wholesale grid dependent competitors once your system is paid off and the power you generate is all yours
  • a back-up power source
  • a transportable energy solution that can be moved to a new site
  • a progressive message to your market about your sustainable values.

Cash-flow positive

We aim to make your commercial solar solution cash-flow positive for your business by projected savings on your electricity bill. This means, if solar stacks up for your business, you won't need to come up with a separate budget for your solution. You'll pay the same amount for your electricity and simply use the savings that you are generating by having solar to fund the system.

The cost savings of solar could free up your operational budget to invest in a solar battery system when it becomes commercially viable for you.

Commercial solar is one part of a complete energy management solution.

Your dedicated Choice Energy consultant can conduct a procurement and tender process on your behalf to reduce your energy costs and usage.

Frequently asked questions about solar for business:

    How do I know if commercial solar is right for my business?

    Solar is right for a whole range of businesses, from manufacturing through to hospitality. If you’ve got a site with a roof, and you run a business that uses electrical power, it’s likely an option for you. To find out, we’ll book a solar feasibility assessment, which can often be remotely done to ensure minimum disruption to your day.

    How much will commercial solar cost me?

    The cost of your system is dependent largely on a range of factors, including:

    • The size of the system in kW, which dictates how many panels are required
    • Your energy usage and requirements
    • Whether or not you opt for battery storage

    As your system size is dictated by your commercial needs, your system price is completely bespoke, and will be accurately quoted after we touch base with you and have a solar feasibility assessment done. Unlike many other solar providers, we’ll check what you use and the size of feasible roof space to make an assessment on what you truly need.

    How do I know my solar system is working?

    The first indication of your solar system functioning is from your solar energy unit itself, which provides high level insights into your output. Secondly, our favourite indicator: Reductions in your energy bill thanks to the clean solar energy being produced on your roof.

    How long will it take to get my system up and running?

    There are a few crucial steps in ensuring your system is connected legally and properly. Part of the system installation is getting the correct permissions to undertake an install, which is usually the most time consuming part, and can range from instant to a few weeks, depending on your location and the size of your system.

    Either way, we keep you abreast of how your installation is travelling, and ensure you are notified of times that work for you when it comes to installing. Our expert installers will give you an estimated timeline for the installation, and offer minimal interference from your usual business.

    What is a sustainability profile?

    A corporate sustainability profile is the mindful and measurable application of sustainable practices to a business or company. For example, if its part of your business goals to lower your carbon footprint, or become carbon neutral, or you have a policy about waste disposal that is environmentally friendly, these actions are all part of your corporate sustainability profile. Simply put - It's how green your business is, and studies have shown that commitment to ethical and sustainable practice has seen a rise in demand, and can have your product or service thought of more highly.

    What other businesses have you worked with?

    We’ve helped over 3,500 businesses across Australia and New Zealand take control of their energy bills and invest in clean and renewable solar. You can see just some of our clients on our customers page Customers.

    Why smart businesses are choosing commercial solar energy

    It’s no coincidence that savvy business owners are choosing high quality commercial solar systems for their factories, sites and offices. Choosing solar for your commercial needs means:

    • Better energy efficiency. The difference to your bottom line in terms of energy spend could be as significant as tens of thousands of dollars saved each year.
    • You’re protected against future energy costs and fluctuations.
    • You’ve got a competitive advantage ahead of your wholesale grid-dependent. competitors once your system is paid off. The power you generate is all yours!
    • Solar is a transportable energy solution that can be moved to a new site if required.
    • You’re showing a progressive message to your market about your sustainable values.

    Meet some of our commercial solar clients:

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