Relying less on the power grid is a smart way to protect your operational budget from future energy costs. If feasible for your business, a Choice Energy solar system will have a notably positive impact on the way you use power.

Your new energy consumption profile could result in a new network tariff becoming available to your business, opening opportunities for further energy cost reductions.

Cash-flow positive

We aim to make your commercial solar solution cash-flow positive for your business by projected savings on your electricity bill. This means, if solar stacks up for your business, you won't need to come up with a separate budget for your solution. You'll pay the same amount for your electricity and simply use the savings that you are generating by having solar to fund the system.

The cost savings of solar could free up your operational budget to invest in a solar battery system when it becomes commercially viable for you.

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Many systems can be cash flow positive from day one.

The decision to invest is a lot easier when you know you won’t see a compromise to your current expenditure.

For many businesses, the maths works out in their favour, as the cost of financing the system equates to or equals less than their current energy spend.

You’ll swap out wasted cash for the investment in a future-proofing asset that offers clean energy, and with your system paid, you’ll be looking at a potentially dramatic drop in spend - For some of our clients, they’re seeing a saving of $80,000 per year thanks to solar energy.

You’re making an environmental impact at a time when sustainability is at its highest demand.

What message does your company send to potential clients, customers and partners? Sustainability and being environmentally considerate isn’t a passing phase, and becoming more often the reason for clients and consumers alike to choose to work or buy from a brand.

We often say that investing in commercial solar in Australia is the only decision your marketing department and your financial department are likely to agree on.

Not only are you future proofing and reducing your running costs, but you’re also sending a great message out by lowering your carbon footprint and doing something right for the environment.

We recently wrote about how more consumers are raising the demand for brands that stand by principles like sustainability, which you can read here.

Solar Power Systems are transportable, and do not damage or compromise a roof.

You might be surprised to learn that you can actually move your solar system with you as your business changes.

While the technology involved is advanced, the set up and installation of solar panels is non-invasive and relatively simple when done correctly by educated professionals.

The retro-fit nature of your solar system means when it comes time to move to a bigger site, factory or office, you can take your system with you.

This lack of damage and permanency also makes solar feasible for tenants, as well as those who own their property. As well as being damage free, solar panels can actually protect a roof from things like hail and damaging winds, making it a bonus in the eyes of your landlord.

When you decide it's time to move on, your landlord may even request it stays, as a great incentive for their next tenant, allowing you the opportunity to “sell” the system and have the registration moved to their name for a fee. You can learn more about solar for your leased space here.

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You’re removing your dependency on a volatile market

We touched lightly on this before, so let’s dive deeper.

It’s no surprise for many to learn that Australians pay a substantial amount more for electricity, in comparison to many other countries. In fact, you can see a dramatic shift in the cost of energy, starting from around 2008 and escalating each year:

For many businesses, especially those with a high energy usage pattern, this can be make or break when it comes to expenditure. With coal plants across Australia expected to close in coming years, and no word from the government on a contingency plan, we can only anticipate a more complex and volatile future.

By reducing your reliance on this increasingly costly and unpredictable market, you’re taking control in a business-positive, environment-positive manner.

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