Relying less on the power grid is a smart way to protect your operational budget from future energy costs. If feasible for your business, a Choice Energy solar system will have a notably positive impact on the way you use power.

Your new energy consumption profile could result in a new network tariff becoming available to your business, opening opportunities for further energy cost reductions.

Commercial solar benefits

Along with having an expert energy management consultant help you reduce your energy spend; your business could benefit from:

  • better energy efficiency
  • protection against future energy costs
  • a competitive advantage ahead of your wholesale grid dependent competitors once your system is paid off and the power you generate is all yours
  • a back-up power source
  • a transportable energy solution that can be moved to a new site
  • a progressive message to your market about your sustainable values.

Cash-flow positive

We aim to make your commercial solar solution cash-flow positive for your business by projected savings on your electricity bill. This means, if solar stacks up for your business, you won't need to come up with a separate budget for your solution. You'll pay the same amount for your electricity and simply use the savings that you are generating by having solar to fund the system.

The cost savings of solar could free up your operational budget to invest in a solar battery system when it becomes commercially viable for you.

Commercial solar is one part of a complete energy management solution.

Your dedicated Choice Energy consultant will conduct a procurement and tender process on your behalf to reduce your energy costs and usage.

What you can expect from Choice Energy

A Choice Energy commercial turnkey solar solution includes:

  • End-to-end specialist consultancy – from a Solar Feasibility Assessment through to post-installation metering and monitoring and monthly system reports
  • Tier 1 solar components backed by market leading warranties.

We back our solution. We’ll compensate your business in the rare case that your solar system is not working as expected, by paying the different on your power bill.

Our customers want to share their stories

San Carlo Homes for the Aged in South Morang, Victoria reduced their energy costs by around $80,000 per year, plus government funding, by embracing Choice Energy’s expertise and installing a commercial solar solution.

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