Why does solar make sense for so many businesses?

See power savings straight away

Savings start from day one, reducing your grid-energy usage immediately

Your New Found Energy Freedom

You'll be hedging against power price inflation, while reducing your reliance on grid-energy in the first place

Improve your Corporate Profile

Improve your green credentials while you fight climate change with a reduced carbon footprint

Tax Savings

Your system could be considered a depreciable asset at tax time

We're more than just a solar energy provider

We're your complete energy management firm

We go beyond solar to ensure your energy usage continues to be optimised, and you're saving money every day.

Unlike many other solar providers, we ensure your system continues to generate as anticipated, in line with our unique generation guarantee. You'll always know how your system is performing, with our monthly reports and dedicated support team.

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We make commercial solar simple

From the very first step, we provide premium service that works with you

Certified Installers

We're certified, seasoned, and focus on getting the job done right

A Painless Process

We're not here to waste your precious time - We're here to provide you with a high quality clean energy solution

Over 3,400 Happy Customers

You'll be in good company with over three thousand other businesses who have chosen us for their energy and solar needs

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