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Solar energy is clean, environmentally friendly and can be designed for your specific commercial needs. Many of our clients see a reduction of up to 70% of their daytime energy costs, and remain cash flow positive from day one.

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Choice Energy is rewarding businesses who make the switch to solar after reading about us in Industry Update.

How the program works:

  1. The business must mention the industry update advert during their discussions with Choice Energy
  2. The investment into commercial solar must be a minimum of 15kW
  3. The deposit for the commercial solar system must be paid by 30 June 2020
  4. As an reward, the customer can choose between $2000 cash (pre-paid credit card format) or a complimentary 3kW residential solar system
  5. The client will only be rewarded once the commercial system has been installed and paid for
  6. If Choice Energy is unable to install for any reason, the $2000 cash will be provided instead.

Valid within Australia only.

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How does the assessment work?


We'll take a deep dive into your needs, looking at prior electricity bills and having your site assessed for solar panel viability. This stage ensures we create a solution built specifically for you.


We'll assist with all necessary paperwork, including government grants and incentives that may offset some of your costs. You'll be guided through the installation with our experienced project managers and accredited team of installers.


You can relax while your energy expert does the heavy lifting. We'll identify options for your procurement, check tariffs and a variety of other key activities that can assist in reducing your bills.

If solar is also an opportunity, you might have a feasibility assessment also done to start the process.

Our mission is simple. We’re here to help you reduce energy costs for your business.

✔ Dedicated turnkey and bespoke solar power solutions for businesses across Australia and New Zealand.

✔ Accredited by the CEC (Clean Energy Council Australia) for our commitment to creating safe, high quality and effective PV solar solutions.

✔ Monitoring and support for the life of your system.

✔ Expert support for Government grants and incentives to offset your investment costs

✔ Friendly, experienced team ready to create a comprehensive energy solution that future-proofs your energy costs.

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We know energy costs matter to you, because we've worked with businesses like yours.

"As an SME we need to focus on the things we’re good at, and let other companies do the things that they’re good at. With Choice Energy we were able to do so."

- Ryland Joyce
Operations Manager, Sleep Corp

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