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Critical Checkpoints when you are considering solar for home

So you’re thinking of residential solar for your home - Congratulations! Not only are you setting yourself up for significant savings on your energy bills, but you’re also putting yourself forward as a sustainable and environmentally-conscious New Zealander. But like so many technical industries with high demand, there are a few checks you’ll need to make to ensure you’ll be seeing those benefits for many years to come. Here’s the top 3 checks you need to make before you lock in your new system.

Check the reputation of your provider

Like purchasing a car or a computer, your solar system is best bought from someone who has proper knowledge and experience. A reputation check is essential when choosing your solar provider, not only to ensure your system is installed correctly, but also to increase the chances that your chosen business will be around around long enough to provide you with the support you deserve.

A high quality solar system has a life expectancy of 25 years, so ensuring your provider is here for the long run, with a track record of success, is essential.

Check that your system meets rather than exceeds your needs

Bigger is better, right? Not always. You’re a financially savvy homeowner, looking for a great deal, and in the solar industry this doesn’t mean bottom dollar for the biggest system. Instead, you need to be focused on the highest quality system possible, at a scale that meets your needs.

For example, House A might consist of three school aged children, and two working parents. House B has a retiree and two work from home adults. While the house is the same size, their energy needs (and energy bills) are likely to tell two VERY different stories and so require two VERY different system sizes.

House A doesn’t have many family members home during the day, so a standalone solar system isn’t going to be utilised quite as much as House B. Both can benefit from a solar system, but House B will see a far better return on a larger system, thanks to their day time energy needs. To put a larger system on House A would certainly reduce bills, but if the energy isn’t being used or stored in a battery, the produced solar energy isn’t being maximised.

Check your guarantees and support

So you’ve honed in on your ideal solar providers, done a reputation check, and ensured they’re capable of designing a bespoke system that reflects your needs. What about guarantees, warranties and support? If something goes wrong with your system, a part breaks, or your inverter is showing an error, will you confidently know what to do, or will it leave you with an expensive roof cover and the same energy bills you were previously trying to lower?

Where Choice Energy stands out when it comes to residential and home solar is our understanding and commitment to ensuring you are as supported as possible during the lifetime of your system. That’s why we offer generous warranties, maintenance and cleaning, and partner with you for life by ensuring your grid energy needs are met as well. As a leader in the space since 2016, we’re here for your home and business needs, committing ourselves to the best quality and education. Learn more about solar for your home here, or contact us on 0800 304 448.

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