How does a Powershop bill compare with yours?

Powershop is an online electricity retailer who sells energy to businesses and residential in Victoria, New South Wales and South East Queensland.

This competitive energy retailer is committed to renewable energy with parent company, Meridian Energy, being a renewable energy generator.

Better Solar advisory service

Choice Energy has been handpicked by Powershop to participate in their Solar Advisory Service, Better Solar.

The Better Solar program incorporates installers who “have the best reputations, best quality products and warranties, and best post installation customer care, so you can be sure you’re getting the best solar for you.”

Choice Energy and Powershop giving back

Choice Energy and Powershop worked closely with social enterprise Kinfolk for their new café in Carlton, Sibling, to reduce their energy costs through solar. Watch the video to learn more.

Compare Powershop energy prices

At Choice Energy we have some of Australia’s best energy retailers on our panel of suppliers. Depending on your energy needs, Powershop may offer the best energy deal to deliver the cost savings you need.

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