If you want to reduce your reliance on the power grid when the sun is not shining, a solar battery system is the solution.

Right now, a solar battery system will rarely offer cost savings on your overall energy spend. However, as the aspiration to be off-grid continues to escalate, solar battery storage should become affordable. For this reason, Choice Energy commercial and residential solar solutions are all battery back-up ready.

If you’re one of our solar customers, you could be ready to move your power off-grid when it makes economic sense to do so.


Solar battery system benefits

Your business or home could benefit from:

  • better energy efficiency and reduced energy costs over the longer term
  • protection against future energy costs
  • an off-grid power source after sunset
  • demand shedding, where deploying your solar battery load off-sets spikes in demand
  • a transportable energy solution that can be relocated.

Reduce your reliance on the power grid with a solar battery system.

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