Solar for your construction or engineering business: Is it right for you?

You’re a high energy demand business, with a lot of tools and machinery. You might think that solar energy isn’t fathomable for the demand your business requires, and might compromise your efficiency.

Not only has solar worked for hundreds of Australian businesses just like yours, but with the continued development of high quality panels and savvy technology, solar is here to save you money and reduce your carbon footprint. Read on to learn the benefits, and how solar has made an impact for construction and engineering businesses across the country.

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As the price of wholesale power increases, Choice Energy is vigilant about keeping your operations energy efficient. By helping you use less, we’re your assurance against future energy price hikes.

We’ll secure you the best energy deal. Then we’ll make sure your new energy-savings contract is in place, and that the transition is seamless. From there, we’ll keep you proactively engaged in cost reduction strategies.

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No concerns about accessing high levels of power when you need it

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You’re using self-generated energy first, reducing your costs

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You’re making your site work harder for you by producing clean energy on your roof

Energy bill validation

As part of our end-to-end energy management service, we offer SHIELD metering. Metering offers important monitoring and reporting tools to help mitigate your risk exposure to large market energy costs. Energy bill validation is one part of this.

Bill validation puts checks and balances on each component of your energy invoices. By modelling the appropriate charges based on your actual usage and demand, we will validate the costs. This reconciliation process will identify any energy bill errors or anomalies. Both undercharging and overcharging can be detrimental to your budget forecasts and planning.

If we find an error, we’ll act on your behalf with the retailer to correct it.

“I was introduced to Lachlan Magee from Choice Energy by Clive Martella from MB Prefab who recommended installing Solar Power, as he had found that Choice Energy had delivered what they had promised.

I have no hesitation in recommending Lachlan and Choice Energy as every commitment and projection they have made to me has come to fruition.”

- Geoff Baxter, BB Truss Timber

See how we’ve saved our engineering and construction customers thousands with commercial solar

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