Like any asset you rely on to get the job done, regular maintenance and servicing keeps your solar system looking and performing at its best. Solar energy is about getting the maximum return on investment, with the minimum impact on the environment, so ensuring your system is looked after can help keep it running for longer and with maximum performance.
Looking after your solar panels is an easy task to overlook - After all, they are on your roof, quietly harnessing clean energy for your home or business. We make it simple by offering straight forward and comprehensive servicing and cleaning services, on demand.

The importance of maintaining your solar panel system

Servicing your system means ensuring safety as well as efficiency. Your solar panel system is an important piece of machinery with a live current running through it, which can present dangers if not properly maintained by qualified professionals.

Potential issues with solar systems include:

  • Damage from natural causes, e.g bush fires, earthquakes or extreme wind events
  • The deterioration of cable insulation over time
  • Corrosion
  • Failure of defective components, or improper installation issues
  • Corrosion or components filling with water
  • Animals chewing cables or damaging components

The cost of your solar system servicing may even be offset by the improvement in efficiency you’ll experience afterwards, making it a cost-effective investment.

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Fronius Servicing

Choice Energy, your Fronius Service Provider

As a Fronius Solutions partner, we’re committed to ensuring your Fronius solar system is functioning at its best. Our team is trained in the installation and maintenance of your high quality solar solution, making us the provider of choice for cleaning and servicing.

Frequently asked questions about Solar Panel Servicing

What is involved in the process?

We’ll inspect your system for issues, looking for corrosion, debris and deterioration. This includes vents, switches, inverters and panels - No element is overlooked, as we ensure your system is functioning at its best.

Can you service my solar panels even if another company installed them?

Absolutely. While Choice Energy customers enjoy a 60 month maintenance service on commercial solar systems, where we regularly assess for cleaning and servicing, we are passionate about providing our high quality maintenance services to homes and businesses across Melbourne and beyond. Regular maintenance may also extend the warranty on your existing system - check your user manual to see if you qualify.

How can I tell if my panels need to be serviced?

There are two common causes for servicing to be required for your panels:

  • A drop in performance, noticeable from your rising bills or lower efficiency
  • Error or fault on the inverter screen

What happens if an issue is found?

After undertaking a visual inspection, we provide you with a detailed report of our findings. If there’s an issue, your solar maintenance specialist will have a no obligations discussion with you next steps in regards to fixing the situation to ensure you are getting the most out of your system in the future, including quotes and timelines.

You invested in solar to bring your bills down and improve your carbon footprint: A comprehensive service with Choice Energy ensures you’ll continue to reap these benefits for years to come.

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Clean panels for your clean energy solution

Clean panels not only look great, but also perform better too.

Your rooftop panels are exposed to a variety of dirt and debris over time, some of which is likely to build up over time. Cleaning also prevents overheating, and the forming of “hot spots”, where cells may crack due to the sunlight being blocked by debris. Clean panels not only perform better, but look better too.

Frequently asked questions about Solar Panel Cleaning

How often do I need my panels cleaned?

Cleaning depends on a range of factors, including climate and positioning. If you’re in a coastal area, or a spot with low rain and a lot of dust, you might require more frequent cleaning to accommodate for these conditions. One of our solar panel service experts can advise you on your specific needs.

Can I clean the panels myself?

As solar panel systems utilise a live current, it’s best to leave the cleaning to the professionals in case of any underlying issues within the system.

How do I know if my solar panels need cleaning?

If you’ve seen a drop in performance or are seeing an error on your inverter screen, it could be time for a deep clean. Likewise, your panels may just appear filmy or coated - a surefire way to tell it’s time to call in a pro and have them looked at.

What is involved in the cleaning?

We utilise a specific physical and chemical cleaner combination to give the panels a deep clean, and remove debris build up from beneath the panel and racking system. The result: A restored solar system that looks good as new and ready to perform efficiently.

Combine a solar panel cleaning with servicing for a comprehensive package designed to improve and maintain the efficiency of your system. Reach out to us now to find out more and book your service in.

Choice Energy, leading solar maintenance and cleaning services

Choice Energy has been the leader in energy management solutions since 2013, with over 3400 customers cared for across Australia and New Zealand.

With accredited installers, our team maintains the certifications and training to deliver high quality solar servicing and maintenance to homes and businesses. We are the service partner for leading renewable energy financiers looking to protect their investment through reliable and qualified solar maintenance solutions.

Solar Panel Maintenance

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